Welcome to Chamberlain Elementary School

Chamberlain Elementary is a kindergarten through grade five public school that was built on the present site in 1862.  The wood frame structure was replaced by a six-room brick facility in 1882.  In 1895 a four-room brick building was added. The present Chamberlain Elementary School building was constructed in 1939 and remodeled in 1955, in 1986, and again in 2006. It currently houses 375 students with 29 certified staff and 31 part-time and full time support staff members. It is one of seven elementary schools in Goshen Community Schools. Chamberlain Elementary School is located at 428 North Fifth Street in Goshen, Indiana.

Since Chamberlain educates a child population of 89.4% free and reduced lunch the vision of Chamberlain is to not allow socio-economics to determine the quality of a child’s education.  The staff believes positive relationships, hard work, a growth mindset and continual learning will overcome many obstacles.  Many interventions are put in place to encourage and support children’s learning.

Vision Statement

Chamberlain is a community of hope where all children and adults are involved and supported in achieving academic, social, physical, spiritual, and emotional excellence.

Mission Statement

Chamberlain Elementary School is a community of parents, students, and staff working together to instill in each other a positive self-image, individual responsibility, a desire to be life-long learners and problem solvers, and to be the best we can be.

Guiding Principles

  • Everyone can and will learn.
  • We learn in different ways and in different time frames.
  • Everyone has equal value and worth. We build positive relationships with each other and treat each other with respect.
  • Mistakes are a natural part of the learning process.
  • Each person is responsible for their choices.
  • Feedback is essential to the learning process.
  • Success generates success.

 We will:

  • Embrace the belief that effort, making and learning from mistakes, resiliency, perseverance and positive relationships lead to student achievement.
  • Be willing to live in ambiguity, ask clarifying questions, confront the brutal facts, and still choose to be positive.
  • Be willing to learn and value learning from and with others.
  • Hold ourselves accountable to the Chamberlain plan and corporation guidelines while being willing to change by outside mandates and/or Chamberlain group consensus.
  • Build strong partnerships with parents through phone calls, emails, newsletters, and meetings.
  • Participate in all Professional Development planned for the school year.

Students will leave Chamberlain knowing:

  • They have an important part to play in this wonderful world.
  • Mistakes are a natural part of life.
  • Learning isn’t an isolated process.
  • Cooperation and collaboration accelerates learning.
  • Their strengths and what they do well.
  • Their weaknesses and have formed strategies about how they can work with them.