Chamberlain Info

Chamberlain’s socioeconomically and ethnically diverse student population is a wonderful microcosm of the world. We believe that neither socioeconomic or ethnicity will determine the educational excellence of a child. To that end, the staff is well trained in “best practices” and the most effective ways to reach academic and character excellence. At Chamberlain, we identify, build upon, and publicly recognize strengths of every student. Each child is treated as an individual with his or her own signature and as an important teammate in the larger school community.

Student Attendance, Enrollment, Diversity, and  Mobility

The attendance goal of Chamberlain Elementary school is 97% or higher. Chamberlain Elementary has had an attendance rate of 95.5% or higher over the last ten years. The attendance rate for 2013-14 was 95.2%. The enrollment in Fall 2013 was 375 students with the following numbers at each grade level:

Kindergarten 62
1 65
2 66
3 66
4 56
5 63

The Chamberlain student body is diverse with the following ethnic groups represented in 2013-14: 61.9% Hispanic, 29.3% White, 1.7% Multiracial, 5.9% Black, .8% Asian, and .3% Native American.

89.4% of the student population receives economic assistance, 47.2% of our students are English Language Learners, and 9.6% receive Special Education Services. Each year around 25% of the student population grades 3-5 move before or between one year’s ISTEP test to the next year’s test. 35-49% of the student body will enroll in Kindergarten and stay at Chamberlain until they graduate from fifth grade. The other 51-65% of the student population will come and go.

The Chamberlain staff believes that the above factors do not and cannot preclude children from being well-educated.

Instructional Staff

Chamberlain Elementary School is a K-5 public Title I school serving 375 students. Students are taught by 29 highly-qualified certified instructional staff members with a mix of veterans and younger teachers. Most instructional staff members have been trained in literacy, math and best practice in teaching English Language Learners.

Support Staff

31 support staff are employed at Chamberlain. The office is operated by a full-time secretary and book keeper, one five hour nurse, one full-time Hispanic Family/ School Liaison, one 80% counselor, a full-time Principal, a full-time TOSA assistant Principal (TOSA- Teacher on Special Assignment to the Principal), and a full time Technology Resource Coordinator (TRC). There is one Media Resource Specialist and a head custodian with 1.5 additional custodial positions. The cafeteria has a manager, a cook, and four part-time cafeteria helpers. There are two highly-qualified assistants, five Title 1 Instructors, one full-time ELL paraprofessional and two paraprofessionals working with Special Education children. A 40% Speech and Language Pathologist, a 20% psychologist, and a part-time Schools Resource Officer complete the support staff.