Former Football Practice Field-New Bus Lot

Construction crews are putting the finishing touches on the new GCS bus parking lot this week, in preparation for the start of school next week. Bus parking will now be located in the area of the former football practice field, an area which was lost to the state due to the rerouting of U.S. 33.

Some of the buses will be parked right next to the GHS baseball field.

Electrical has been installed so that the buses can be plugged in/kept warm during the cold winter months.

The U.S. 33 project started the process that led to the new field turf that was installed on Foreman Field last summer. The turf surface allows for practices to be held on the game field, without the usual wear and tear that can occur on a natural surface. Additionally, the new turf allows for the coaches and players to practice without having to cross U.S. 33!

The field turf; still an awesome sight!

Due to the work on the new parking lot, the buses were moved around over the summer, as maintenance staff completed usual service and inspections normally scheduled for the summer months. At times, buses were kept in the GHS parking lot, on the band practice field, by the administration center, and by the GCS warehouse.

It has been a busy summer, with many projects and facility updates. But, the bus lot will be ready, and the GCS buses will roll out of the new compound on August 4th ready to start a new school year!