Principal Todd Williams

It is my pleasure to serve as the Chamberlain principal! This is the beginning of my third year in this position and the most exciting yet. This year brings us new challenges and exciting opportunities. We would like to officially welcome the Goshen Community School’s High Ability program to Chamberlain! We are excited to further develop these students’ skills and want to welcome them to our Crew. Chamberlain is a great place for all students to grow and develop their skills!

The Chamberlain staff strongly believes that the utilization of data to make instructional decisions and respond to specific needs will lead to increased student success. Every student is exposed to grade-level instruction to ensure that they are at the level needed to succeed. We have developed procedures and protocols to intervene when students need support and strive to meet the needs of Every Kid, Every Day, Whatever it takes.

Here at Chamberlain we also believe that it is important to grow and develop active and responsible citizens. We teach our students how to make a promise to each other and encourage them to keep themselves and others accountable for their promises. We utilize the Habits of Scholarship to develop these skills and create positive relationships with others. The Habits of Scholarship are Integrity, Compassion, Courage, Craftsmanship, and Grit. Each month we focus on one of these Habits of Scholarship and encourage students to set and monitor goals for themselves. This has led to a family environment that will do whatever it takes, every day, to help students succeed.

I want to thank all members of our Crew and community for the continued support of our students. Our families are critical to the work we do and we hope to see you at one of our family events in the near future.


Todd Williams
Principal of Chamberlain Elementary