The staff at Chamberlain encourages parent, family and community involvement in the education and learning process of their students. To enhance and accomplish the mission of Chamberlain, the following programs, frameworks and activities are available:

Chamberlain’s Habits of Scholarship

  • INTEGRITY:  I will do what is right, even when it is difficult.
  • CRAFTSMANSHIP:  I am dedicated to high quality work.
  • COURAGE:  I will take risks and learn from mistakes.
  • GRIT:  I will persevere toward a goal.
  • COMPASSION:  I will connect with and appreciate others.

Recognizing Effort and Achievement

  • Crew Bucks – Staff members give students crew bucks when students are living the Habits of Scholarship to praise students’ efforts. These crew bucks are collected by teachers and submitted into a weekly drawing where one name per grade is announced Monday mornings to receive a Crew Buck Reward.
  • Celebration Assemblies – Student accomplishments are celebrated regularly in Community Crew Time.
  • Fifth Grade Graduation – This ritual marks the end of one time period in a student’s life and the beginning of another. Students know that they continue to be part of the Chamberlain community, and we continue to offer them help and support.

Partnering for Success

  • Newsletters – The principal sends home a newsletter each month to parents, while various teachers send home newsletters on a weekly basis.

Technology Education

  • iLearners – Every Chamberlain student has their own iPad (called an iLearner at Chamberlain). These iLearners are integral parts of students’ academic life. Teachers use
  • Technology – Chamberlain has a teacher who provides weekly technology instruction to every student. Our technology teacher also works with staff on integrating technology into lessons throughout the school year.
  • Media Center – Our media center is supported by an excellent certified librarian.

Life Skills Education

  • English Language Learners (ELL) – We have five teachers and one parent/school liaison to work with students and families who are English Language Learners.
  • Conflict Resolution Skills – All students – kindergartners through fifth graders – learn communication skills that lead to conflict resolution through lesson with our Guidance Teacher.
  • Crisis Team – If a death, serious injury, or other trauma creates a crisis for us as a school, our Crisis Team coordinates the necessary, predetermined steps to meet the needs of students and adults.

Health and Environmental Education

  • Health Visits – First grade children receive a checkup from an optometrist, and third grade children receive a checkup from a dental hygienist.
  • Outdoor Education – Fifth graders spend a day at Camp Potawatomi learning about our environment, understanding how to take care of it, and studying nature.
  • Resource Team – This team is set up to help give guidance and ideas to parents on how to work with individual children academically, socially, etc.