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Math Websites

Congruent Shapes a song to remember what congruent means!

Similar vs. Congruent- a quick video describing the difference between similar and congruent.

Symmetry Game– a game to test symmetry of different polygons (shapes).  

Lines, Line Segments, and Rays- a video to introduce these geometric terms.

Parallel and Perpendiculara song to help remember parallel and perpendicular lines.

Quadrilateral Song to a Synthesizer– Listen for the names of different quadrilaterals.

Types of Angles- YMCA Listen to the song to the tune of YMCA to learn the types of angles!

Triangle Song– a song to help learn the names and types of triangles. 

Polygon Song– a song to help you memorize how many sides a polygon has.

Reflection, Translation, Rotation a song with motions to help remember these geometric terms.